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| February 23, 2022

Houston Never Looked So Warm

I hear the weather has crushed things in North Texas, but Houston is still open for business these days into weeks. That’s not to say the annual tilapia kill hasn’t happened though.

My parent’s neighborhood pond was surrounded by buzzards feasting on the dead and dying tilapia a few days ago, leaving nothing but bones on the sidewalk and a smell that goes with buzzard guano quite nicely. Ahhhh, the smells of Houston.

Those who know KNOW me, know that my reasons for being here are not the brightest and shiniest of times. It’s a life cycle thing. It’s painful and it’s sweet. I will be here awhile longer, and I am looking for reader contributions – writing contributions – to come in and occupy these pages while in limbo.

It doesn’t take a “writer,” or a “reporter” to write these stories. It just takes your voice! Please feel free to send writing contributions in at your earliest convenience … I have always invited and wanted other voices here over the decades, and I HATE TO RESORT to filler, but maybe now’s the time if I can’t get some contributions coming in. There are bennies for your articles appearing here though! There is no reason to be shy. I will edit for your spelling / punctuation and whatever else you want – – – (at your request) if you are worried about that!

Thanks for your patience during these times that come to us all sooner-or-later.

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