Saturday Morning! Huddle UP!

| May 17, 2014

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This weather is what we love here in North Texas! We get about fourteen to 21 days an entire year like yesterday and today. If you are inside reading this, all I can say is WHY!? GO GO GO!

My head is pounding this morning, as the roofers run all over our roof … stomping, nailing, pounding, scraping … the ear drum pressure is intense. I guess it’s the silver lining a hail storm left us.


Yesterday, Friday, seems to be THE day for getting out on the water, and it was Texoma for actual fly fishing for striper on the main lake from CK’s boat. I didn’t even bother to prospect, as that is hardly the challenge.

I have photographs to put together into a slideshow from the trip to speak to Waco Fly Fisher club last week. I also have some video from last Saturday’s party at Tailwaters Dallas. Pile the Texoma story on top, the icing on the cake, and you can tell I have a day of processing images, video and aggregate verbiage (That one’s for CK who told me my writing can have, what did he say, “a flourish?”).


FLY FISHERS send me your photographs from these busy days of fly fishing here in Texas! You can send them via e mail at [email protected], and text them to me at ninefourzerothreeeightzerozerofourzeroeight. Make sure your images are kind to fish! No fish laying on the ground, on concrete or other less friendly to fish shots. In water is best, but as long as you photograph them quickly and release them, it’s all good. Absolutely no stringer over the shoulder shots.

I am working on a new set of photography classes for those of you interested in learning how to use your GoPro Cameras, or wanting to learn better techniques for your fishing photography. Keep your eye on the top navigation line of this site for that page to go up soon.

Also, if you have been keeping your eyes on the top navigation line, you see the “DIABLO” page is no longer present. I am taking a break from Pro Rep-ping the Diablo Paddlesports line of kayaks as the drought just seems to have really put a dent in people’s interest in kayaking locally. Of course, faithful readers also realize my drive to motorize, and my focus on that side of the fly life.

Stay tuned …

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