Redfish Fly The ReyRam Saltwater Fly

| November 18, 2016


The ReyRam is so named because I originally found the photography and recipe for this simple to tie fly coming from Dr. Rey Ramirez from Brownsville, Texas, many years ago. Although it probably has another name, and I know from talking to Dr.Ramirez in subsequent years, the fly has evolved to be a lot more complex (with the same underlying fundamentals apparently).

Well, I am a simple guy, who loves a simple fly tie. So here is the original, unfiltered ReyRam. I have caught a lot of redfish, and trout on this fly over the years, and it is my first go-to when the seasonal flies are not producing. Now, we all know that when we have extreme CONFIDENCE in a fly, that means we work it more, work it better and subliminally – IT WORKS BETTER for us. That said, you give the fly a try, a tie and a try, and see what you think of it.


  • 210 Thread – Flymaster Waxed
  • #6 C70DT Mustad hook
  • Fluoro Orange Marabou tail
  • Green (all varieties) crystal chenille
  • small or X small yellow barbell eyes
  • Brown or tan or green gold flecked silli-legs
  • Loon UV cure
  • Dyna-King Barracuda Deluxe
  • RiteBobbin

As the audio says, there may be someone out there who has another name, or another origin for this fly. Just like there hasn’t been a photograph that hasn’t been taken, there isn’t a fly that hasn’t been tied. Feel free to update me with the origins, or other (more / less accurate) names for the ReyRam Fly if you like.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the cold weather finally here in North Texas!

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