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| July 24, 2012

Reader Response to Monday Morning Sidewalk

In response to your post this morning asking where people have fished
recently. For me, it’s been a reintroduction to the water of sorts
over the course of the past couple of weeks – pretty much inspired by
your post recounting your conversation with Joel Hays at the Lowbrau
in Pilot Point.

I too have a friend – Joel. He and I are complete rookies on the carp
seen and hit Ray Roberts a week ago last Friday for what is best
described as simply a long walk on a hot Texas afternoon; but for us,
a fishing excursion, a day off from the office, no family commitments
and no place to be except on the water. Even enough time to end the
day/evening with a couple of cold ones at the Lowbrau (thanks for the
introduction). All it took was one tug from a cooperative carp and a
long distance release in the mid-afternoon sun to suck us in for “next

All that to say I’m reinvigorated and just popping bugs in the ponds
around Plano – but I’m back on the water, ever so small, and having
just as much pulling in bluegills as getting the knots out of my son’s
reel. Thanks for the inspiration.

I appreciate your writing and am happy to read your writings on any
of the topics you cover as I can quickly cite three instances when
you’ve been dead on about the fishing (carp), the music (Hays Carll),
and the beer/food (Lowbrau). Some areas that may be worth sharing are
your thoughts and perspectives on taking a good photo out on the
water, and local shows coming to town that you recommend.

Thanks for what you do.

Thank you Jason! I believe our paths have already crossed, as we had a moment talking along the trail last Friday, while heading opposite directions. It certainly was a tough outing, but whether or not the three clients in tow caught anything, they certainly know how to catch carp now.

It has been a fairly distressing seven days, with the zebra mussel announcement causing a lot of uncertainty and consternation. The zebra mussel thing has all kinds of ramifications for everyone who uses Lake Ray Roberts, much less those of us who have invested portions of their lives trying to create a guiding business based on a lake that is now changing beneath us. I heard none other than Ted Nugent once say, “Improvise, adapt and overcome.” That, of course, is an unofficial saying of the United States Marine Corp, and one I have already begun implementing on Lake Ray Roberts. Stay tuned for some surprising new fly fishing opportunities on Ray Roberts in the coming weeks. You’ll have to free up your conventional thinking on some of these adventures.

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