Pull The Trigger Today – On Creek Sand Bass in North Texas

| March 21, 2014

sand bass fly fishing texas

We have a window opening this afternoon here in North Texas. Load up and hit your creeks, if they have any sand bass potential, because the weather window, and time of year are all lining up here today. Elsewhere in Texas, the sand bass are in full swing.

You may have your vehicle blown around by the wind on the way, but we creek (okay ditch) fly fishers know that once you dive down into a creek – you’re sheltered from the wind.

As always, once the rains come it’s time to get out to higher ground because as sure as the rains come, the creek’s gonna’ rise.

Stay safe, and I’ll see you out there tonight for a sundowner.


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  1. shannon says:

    Hello Fhashdealer,
    I guess you may be reading the “Flash Fizzle” today’s post by now. I hate to say we are in tough times, but when it comes to sand bass running on Lake Lewisville and Lake Ray Roberts this year, it a’int happening. Somebody will always step up to prove me wrong, and this is the gauntlet I am throwing down now. If you can catch sand bass now, it’ll take all day to do what we were doing in a couple of hours last year.
    In direct response, I like the idea of checking out LLELA – the release below Lewisville Lake. Their water volume could be conducive to a “run” in the classic sense.
    “Runs” are going to happen where there is water running. Think south and east (BOTH directions separately and combined) of DFW.
    Your fly rod is fine, but you will need to think in terms of bait patterns. For sand bass, it’s white with red for an easy tie. Bait bait bait. I typically match colors to sunlight – bright colors bright days, grays for gray times of day, and black for dark times.
    I deeply appreciate your very good questions. Shannon

  2. Flashdealer says:


    I tried (unsuccessfully) to find a way to email you so I figured a comment is 2nd best.

    I am new to North TX Bass fly fishing (I’ve been nymphing for trout for the past year). I was hoping to get out this weekend to try my hand at Sand Bass and had some success (Large Mouth) at my local pond this week. Seeing your article today makes me more determined to get out there but I don’t know any good spot to go… I would hate to hit an area blindly…

    From my research today I have a few spots on Google maps scoped out and I was wondering if you could provide any insight:

    North of Hidden Cove Park, Lake Lewisville.
    South of the Lewisville Dam
    Ray Roberts looks good, but I don’t know where to start.

    I have been using a 5 wt 9″ with size 16-10 bead head buggers / Streamers (sometimes with a Copper John or Pheasant Tail trailer) and some top water poppers. Any suggestions on my gear would be helpful as well (or a point in the right direction to a forum that I can get good intel from).

    Much appreciated!!!

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