Proposition 6 Passes

| November 6, 2013

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conservation awareness for fly fishersI just heard a news report on local radio station KERA (a National Public Radio station in Dallas) that wrapped up what we already knew about the vote on Proposition 6. It was a wipeout, with numbers running about 76% – FOR, and 24% AGAINST the Proposition to move money from the Texas Rainy Day fund over to the folks at the water board. Why do I have a vision of “Parks & Rec” in my head?

What I didn’t know is that the Sierra Club was also a proponent of this legislation. I wonder what the Sierra Club had to say about Proposition 6? Here’s a good article about Proposition 6 on the website STATE IMPACT. That site is an NPR project according to the banner. Through that site, I was able to find the Lone Star Chapter Texas Sierra Club, and have subscribed to all the alerts they have available. They are obviously leading on this subject.


So, while we settle in to this new reality, I think it’s time to let this topic simmer a bit, and move on to the next water topic. This topic comes from the Texas Gulf Coast, and is a much darker shade of dealing. It’s an extremely hot topic if you are in Port Aransas, Texas, and the possibility of more industrialization of Harbor Island. This topic is the extreme opposite of the Prop 6 debate, moving us from a Statewide situation to a backyard situation with high profile, easily discernible parties. The article by Dan Parker in the Port A South Jetty online newspaper is a “paid content” read (great idea by the way), so I haven’t a way to share it, although it was sent to me by someone in Port Aransas who is very attentive to this topic.

I will detail this situation in next week’s Water Wednesday.

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