Peacock Bass – Texas Needs Some of These

| May 20, 2010

Local boy makes good …

I don’t want to blow anybody’s “work cover”, so we will just say a local guy is fitting some work into his fishing time in Miama, FLA. Looking at these peacock bass, makes me wonder why we couldn’t just throw a few in a healthy pond somewhere and see what happens. They would probably last two seconds before some mean ugly largemouth chomped them whole. It’s hard to tell who’s strutting more …

Oh well at least we don’t have to deal with overgrown lizards around here … sure water moccasins, rattlers, chiggers (got me a good case of chiggers), feral hogs … yeah, I can handle those, but overgrown lizards and gators?

By the way, I am extremely jealous in case you can’t tell.

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  1. shannon says:

    Yeah, I heard that too. Worth checking out … actually would rather check out your water in Europe! Imagine what a professional photographer could do with a peacock bass as a subject! ART!!!

  2. Harpoon56 says:

    Power plant lake…don’t think those guys can handle a bitter cold North Texas Winter like the one we just had, they may not like the sheet ice.

    Heard possible rumors of people talking about people talking about a guy they overheard talking about talks of stocking Peacock Bass in Caleveras…worth checking out?