Pattern Fish Using a Calendar

| April 14, 2022


Did you ever scratch your head and wonder? When was that? Where was that? Do I fly fish as much as my spouse says I do? Where am I? Where should I be? Where are the damn fish?

A digital calendar is a modern tool that is only slightly less powerful than the best electronics on any boat. Yes, a bold statement, but Feel Free To Think! As fly fishers, we have many more variables to “input” than a conventional fisherman may have. Primarily that is because of the habitat we find ourselves fly fishing within – streams, shallows and rivers. These (and more) have their own characteristics that we begin to calculate as soon as we arrive.

IF, and only IF, we take the time to take notes? The game has just changed in our favor. We know the plays before they are run. If we take note on a calendar that is in our ears, and in our pockets at all times – a phone? Who has the power now? Set those calendar events to “REPEAT” every year, and the power goes up another notch.

There is the side benefit of being able to also provide evidence to a significant other: SEE! I don’t fish as much as you think I do! I don’t even fly fish as much as I think I do!

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