Outlaw Sand Bass – Ray Roberts Hitting Stride

| August 20, 2008

Texas sand bass fly fishing in spring on lake Ray Roberts

We snuck away for a quick run at Ray Roberts the other day, and the fish are getting much larger since I started hitting the schools about three weeks ago. I am not sure what their growth rate is, but they are certainly getting larger. If anyone wants to go looking for these guys via kayak, they are very close to shore now.

That was a few days back, and about five inches of rain ago.

Needless to say, things have changed and that’s what I get for letting this one sleep in the “drafts”. It’s going to take a while to dial the Sand Bass back in, so if you regulars get the chance check out some sites I have been lurking on that include Fly Fishing Community, The Day Tripper Blog and for the artistic, try Matt Boutet.

TFC is about to go site-to-site begging for incoming links, so if anyone has a suggestion about where to ask for incoming links – speak now.

TFC wants to extend an invitation to anyone interested in hitting the Beaver’s Bend park in Oklahoma. It is on the calendar for October and we’re filling up fast — not really, but the group is growing. The more people, the more areas we can try – meet in the evening, compare notes and narrow our focus down as we find fish (in places beside zone 1). If you want more details, e mail, post or whatever.

Plans are rumbling through the audience for a trip to the Gunnison River in Colorado before that state closes out for winter. There’s always the Navajo Quality waters.

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