No Fake Fly News Here – It’s Just Monday Morning After All

| March 5, 2018


Dropping this little post on my way out the door to see if the H-Bombs have arrived at the Dam yet. I should be able to tell from a long way off – by the crowds lined up elbow-to-elbow. Those same crowds have really, I MEAN REALLY trashed the place over the last few runs. Fishing line, hooks, sinkers, and an assortment of trash has followed these new guys to the old location I’ve been hitting for about ten years now, and the “get off my lawn” attitude is right on my surface. Can you see it? You’d be hacked too – if you were getting tripped by braid fishing line running all over the riprap, and snagging your fly out where it used to be “clean.”

Just in case you don’t know where the title “Monday Morning Sidewalk” comes from, it’s from the classic “Sunday Morning Sidewalk” as sung by Kris Kristofferson. Take a listen sometime, and you will GET what Monday is really all about.


The weekend brought some weather that can only be described as “early spring,” and early spring means one thing – IT’S TIME TO GET READY – if you are a fly fishing Texan. I have been hunkering down, tying flies, and trying to find those little windows in the weather that promise a day’s sanity in an otherwise insane world and life. So far, the days have not cooperated with me, and the time to tie flies seems to intrude on what little time I have.

When it comes to sampling the action at the Dam (hybrids and sand bass), remember our selection of Clousers leans toward three weights and red-over-white as a primary color choice. I am loading up, so make sure you keep your eyes on the Instagram feed – no fake liking please!

Have a great week ahead. I will be going into depth on North Texas fly fishing conditions this week – regardless of weather. So stay tuned.

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