On The Monday Morning Sidewalk Step on a Crack Break Your Momma’s Back

| May 13, 2013

So yesterday was Mother’s Day again. You know, when you get older, and that wheel turns faster, there’s always an event you need a card for, or one you forgot about. Sometimes I have a real excuse, and sometimes I don’t. Working nine at night to nine in the morning? I think that’s a good excuse. Out here in The Middle, you take it as it comes though.

I spent most of the wee hours this morning working on the Lydia Ann interview with Palmer Simpson, and that should be out later today. It’s an audio podcast-style interview from a recent phone interview with Palmer who lives in Aransas Pass, Texas. You see their logo in the sidebar? Click on that to go to the tournament website. I expect to see a few of you there this July.

Things are finally heating up for real now, and we are expecting a day in the 90’s this week before it all goes sideways again. Of course I missed the tournament at Lake Fork Saturday, because I thought I could outguess the weather (didn’t happen), and I couldn’t find anyone to take my graveyard shift out here. I don’t have the results from that event yet, but when I do, I’ll make sure they get published here.

It looks like another show-and-tell is on for the Fort Worth Fly Fishers June meeting. That’s great news for me personally, as I relish getting back in front in a classroom-like setting. It makes me wish I was still teaching photography classes, but who needs to take a class when they can just hit “delete?”

I have made a couple of stops at Amon G. Carter lake on the way to work, and the old honey hole is loaded up with big sand bass that are extremely green. And I caught a few that were as big as any sand bass I’ve caught anywhere. That lake continues to fascinate me with how well established it looks, even if it is more than four feet low. If you do go to Amon G., be sure to take your license and have it on you. I think I’ve fished there seven or eight times and been checked by our fine officers three times. That’s more than anywhere I fish – exponentially.

I was fishing alongside a couple other guys both days, and as we talked and hollered across the water, come to find out we all work for the same guy (even the game warden works for him). That’s how it is when the shale is the only game in town. Then, a random boat trolls through, and the guy on the font of the boat is someone I worked with out in The Middle last year. Amazing.

If anyone is left who hasn’t pulled the trigger on booking a trip with me, things are already getting pretty interesting on the calendar. Throw in a few runs to saltwater, and it just gets “interestinger.”

Welcome to wherever you are this morning. Have a great week, and enjoy the warm weather that has finally arrived! Get outside and fly fish this week! The fish are waiting.

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