Monday Morning Sidewalk in Recovery

| February 25, 2019

Great Monday Morning to you who are recovering from the Oscar Award show last night. I know one thing, and that is I don’t wish I were Spike Lee! Dang. Beat once by Driving Miss Daisy, and beat a second time by Green Book (Driving Mr. Daisy). He may as well retire now, if Oscars are all he wants.


Did you see the live fly tying adventure this past Saturday night? I can safely say NO since the most viewers at one time were four – f o u r – not exactly Oscar worthy. Heck, they say some of the best performances are never seen. Okay, I made that one up.

The video, found on YouTube temporarily, was a rollicking performance of the Wakanda Clouser. I tied two of the superpower flies for watchers, had a shot of Rye and that was that. The micro details were more interesting than you think – tricks of the trade that make the whole process easier than you think.


There were a lot of hours at the vise this past weekend, and just about every free minute has me looking at tying my own leaders for Florida and what kind of Florida flies to tie. There are flies that are fast to tie, most of the Florida flies are pretty simple actually, and there are smaller bonefish flies that are actually taken in stages. Regardless, I think it’s safe to say I tie like I read – good comprehension, and blindingly slow speed. I welcome distractions.


Russian food from A Taste of Europe in Irving, Texas, was one such distraction. That place is extremely interesting, and a great place to take kids as well. It’s a “collectors paradise” with tons of Russian daily life for sale – stamps, money, military uniforms and a lot more. I asked the Russian waitress waitperson what she thought of her president, and she visibly flinched. “I don’t talk politics,” was her heavily accentuated response. (She knew I was talking about Trump.)  I was disappointed, but not surprised … so pragmatic are the Russians, pragmatic and fearful. Try the Chicken Kiev and as an early salad/appetizer try the herring under fur. A Taste of Europe


We are caught in the crossfire of great weekdays to go fishing, and horrible weekends of cold and wetter weather. It sucks. There seems to be no escape either – we can’t go far enough from the northern border of Texas – Oklahoma – to get away from these wasted weekends either. I am just hoping the trip to Florida holds, and it prepares me for a LOT MORE road trips this year. Damn those gas prices …

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