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Good Monday Morning to one and all – on a morning unique in the fact it looks to be the most uneventful Monday in quite a while!

If you missed it, I ran a ChatGPT story on the benefits of mono and fluoro fly fishing leaders yesterday, and it went a long way toward showing us just how much information the chat-borg has gobbled up from the internet. My challenges to ChatGPT are beginning to be met, after at first balking on the topic of fly fishing. Now, all I have to do is have the chat-borg write ALL my articles here so I can fly fish more often!

The State of Texas in Environmental Turmoil

While the disaster in DFW’s back yard, the one closest to me anyway, the Denton Greenbelt Disaster, gets plenty of coverage here on Texas Fly Caster, I was completely unaware that a major environmental crisis is happening on the Colorado River east of Austin, Texas. While I am a voice in the wilderness of this bright RED region, there will likely be a ton of coverage about the drainage (as told to me) from Musk’s boring into the Colorado? I think once the foreign news settles down, you’ll probably see the big networks pick this story up. When you have a clash of titans – Elon Musk vs. Mother Nature? The mainstream media has to be wanting this one!

This campaign to bring awareness will certainly be well received in a BLUE region where the epicenter of fly fishing in Texas has high profile fly fishing celebrities, like Alvin Dedeaux bringing attention to their problems. I have yet to deepen my research on the topic, so stay tuned …

Coming to TexasFlyCaster YouTube Tomorrow!


I had JH in the Fly Bar Saturday to refresh my memory about tying a fantastic fly pattern – the Flippino Midget. This fly pattern is a killer pattern he showed me when I first started tying flies about seventeen-years-ago. The most notable thing for me is how much I had deviated from the original pattern, so it was great to have JH reprise the Flippino and get it recorded. One great reason, perhaps the only great reason in my opinion, for me to make fly tying videos – is for a reference when the details get diluted over time. Not that deviant designs didn’t work, but when you hear the logic of this design, you won’t want to leave out any of the steps for this fly. If you have a fly you want to show the world? Just let me know, and I will set up the Fly Bar for you – free refreshments (and grub) if you bring some guests! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you can be notified of new videos, like the Flippino Midget fly tying video.

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