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Are You As Excited as I am?

Was that too sarcastic? If you have tuned in over the years, you know I am not a fan of fly tying videos, but this time I AM NOT THE ONE doing the fly tying and that makes it just a bit better from MY perspective. There is just not a lot any story that goes through or with a fly tying video. Point A to point Z, done and repeat.

I will find a way to make these fly tying videos more interesting … once I completely run out of other things to do first. If you do like this video? I do appreciate that, and this just happens to be a killer fly for


On Sunfish

Pound-for-pound, or as it really is ounce-for-ounce, there’s not a better fight from a freshwater fish than a sunfish in freshwater. Possessed, and willing to take on anything that will fit in their pie hole, the sunnies are a fun lot.

They just so happen to be the most pretty fish that we find in our WARM freshwaters. That is my opinion, and I want to explore catching more of the little monsters so that I can make photographs of them to show their color and character. That pursuit has lead me back to the Flippino Midget fly.

The Flippino Midget is a killer panfish fly. It catches almost anything actually. But I needed a refresher because I had lost the way, the way of tying this fly, over the decades. Enter Joel Hays, who originally taught me this pattern in the way back days.

That lead me to enlist Hays to put this fly on the record. We shot this in the Fly Bar over the weekend, and maybe it will satisfy my own need for a touch of (fly tying video) creativity for a little while. Can you tell, I am still pondering this? Anyway, enjoy the video. Let me know what you think. Like and subscribe to the Texas Fly Fishing YouTube Channel for updates!

If you want to demonstrate a great Texas fly pattern, you know where to find me! The Fly Bar is always almost always open. And if you are selling flies, why not sell them here in PoPs Fly Shop? That door IS ALWAYS open!

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