Monday Morning Mess on the Sidewalk

| June 10, 2019

Good morning once again this fine Monday Morning! My enthusiasm is blinding, isn’t it? What a heck of a storm passed through early yesterday afternoon … suddenly the sky turned green black, and the winds, the winds.Perhaps it was best that I knew about the coming rage because I was off the water, way off, and doing some long procrastinated cleaning of the skiff, safe at home in the driveway. 

The chocolate icing on the cake was last Friday (June 7) when, without notice or warning (a TXDOT science), what I call the “Dam Road” FM455 was being repaved and was down to one lake for the entire distance from the Dam Store all the way to the Isle Du Bois Park. 

It was a true inescapable hot mess, black tar and loose gravel loosely combined to make a sticky chocolate chip road. All the while I am pulling the skiff like a turtle and dodging huge blobs of liquid tar. Friday was a day where I hit a thousand – wrong decision after wrong decision, over the fence into foul territory …

To top off Friday, the wind predictions – direction and speed were off, so that my return (to Jordan Boat Ramp) was a hot mess as well. It was a day that left me shaking my head, wondering just how much more wrong I could possibly do.

Thankfully, once I had eaten about half of my grilled chicken sandwich at Buff’s in Pilot Point, the blood rushed from my brain to my innards so much so that I could stop wondering what would go wrong next on what was left of Friday night in Pilot Point, Texas. I got home as soon as I could and backed in the boat – safely. 

But then I am not here to make you feel better about your good decisions, am I? So let me put a little meat on the bone …

Conditions at most North Texas lakes, lakes in the TPWD “Prairies & Lakes, Piney Woods and Hill Country Regions,” are sketchy at best. We are in the term I coined years ago for this region’s fly fishing adventures: KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. For example, one of the leads on local networks yesterday was the opening of another flood gate, and the 16 Bridge is underwater (or headed there). Roads down from the River are also impassible. At Bridgeport, they are reporting epic releases as well. If you are along the UPPER Texas GULF COAST, one would assume the water here eventually gets there. Whether it’s wind-blown water, or fresh water; you’ll probably have more water than the tide charts predict.

I’ll be a little more sketchy this week – as far as regular columns, as I am still waiting for results from HOLY CARP! and the Wild Art Wednesday will take a turn toward music – LOCAL MUSIC – in a big way.

Thanks for reading and have a better week than the last one.

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