Monday Morning Memo – Take No Memos!

| February 5, 2018

Monday is Memo-Free

Good Monday morning to those of us who still read! This is the year that we remind everyone that #readingisfun – as if we needed reminding!

Funny thing, the word “memos” isn’t it? I am hardly a political beast, but the beasts are certainly on the loose, and marauding through such banal ditches as the “comments” on an Instagram photograph, and much, much further. I would call it a “stumble” on my part; posting a politically charged photograph of a bumper sticker that read, “DOES YOUR TRUMP STICKER MAKE YOU FEEL STUPID YET?” – which I posted with the comment “no comment.” Well … yes, there were comments, a record number of comments for one of my images. Let’s just say I’ll never do that again!

Looking ahead, our week is still tortured by weather here in North Texas, as the cold becomes a more solid – through-and-through in the outdoors of North Texas and elsewhere. The water is cold, staying cold and naturally the cold is reaching through more depths of the water. I am just looking for a confident (weather predicable) couple of days where I can hitch up the skiff and head for Daingerfield to fly fish for those chain pickerel. They must be starving by now!

A Couple of Things Worth Mention

I will be presenting a marketing opportunity to Sports Authority and Lone Star Outdoor News – that I hope is well received and USED this spring. It’s called “Local Guide Day,” and it is an event where local fishing guides set up in their local Sports Authority parking lot (with boats or kayaks) and promote their services. It’s pretty simple which means it will probably never work, but the general concept would also be good for fly fishing clubs as well. A “Local Guide Day” would certainly drive traffic to a store’s location, or a club, and doing it once a year would take a lot less planning than doing it all the time. File this idea under FWIW.

Next on the agenda are a couple of magazine stories that start from scratch. What’s needed is an idea of what guides to “Go-To” for these particular stories. Two of them are Oklahoma stories, and the third is the Guadalupe River trout story. I am wondering who I should get to do the guiding on the Guad for that story? I’m always looking for participants in Oklahoma – guides there really don’t seem necessary to the story.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week ahead – indoors or outdoors.

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