Monday Morning Doldrums

| October 8, 2012

How different is Monday from Sunday? This morning actually has a morning glow, and sun coming through the leaves yet to fall. Yesterday was a day that never showed the sun, a problem for me both mental and physical.

It’s hard to get going when you’re in suspended animation brought on by neither day nor night light, a neutral grey that carries cool air, and suspect chances of success on the water. I stayed in while the braver fishers texted me from their kayaks to let me know the “bite was on,” and the action was fast and furious. My claims of age, thin skin and brittle bones were accepted too readily as excuses. Perhaps I look it these days.

My Sunday time was spent organizing the Fly Shop (now becoming home bricks and mortar), clearing the decks of this new space, and cobbling together a TV and DVD player to have fly fishing DVD’s constantly running in the background. This new DVD player also streams content with built-in WiFi, so yesterday was an entire day of Ken Burns World War II series.

Next weekend is moments away, and I’m going to have to fit a lot of things in between now and then – a broken sewer line outside our house (nice – no stress there), work, Airstream work picks up pace again, and testing the waters to see what this weather has done to the fish. The week ends in Houston, so throw in about $120 in gas to make that round trip.

If you are looking for further reads from wherever you are this Monday morning, try this story on Thomas McGuane, Stu Apte and Joe Brooks. It’s nice to have readers sending me these stories behind the curtain!

If you feel like contributing story leads, or actual stories, don’t hesitate to contact or comment. While we have had an early cold snap here in North Texas, it’s still not quite time to dive into trout stocking schedules and tying killer flies for the Blue River – close, but not quite.

If you are sending in stories about events, such as the fly fishing tournament that happened day-before-yesterday, do readers a favor and follow up with results and photography. Inquiring minds want to know how stories end, you know?

Have a great week and be sure to follow twitter @texasflycaster and “Like” the facebook shingle on the left column as well. If you are one of those “facebookers” there are plenty of drawbacks to the way facebook pages work (pretty amateurish code really), but that is a location that could interest you.

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