Monday Morning – Clooping Carp and Broken Marble Jars

| December 29, 2014

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Welcome to wherever you arrived this fine morning. It’s fine mostly because we’re alive to celebrate the day, not because anything so fine as fish on a fly is happening anywhere nearby (here anyway).

Here is Houston, Texas, this Monday morning, and after two straight days of rain, and the beginnings of a third today … it’s looking more and more like a washout this holiday as well. Actually, when I say “as well”: The last trip to Houston at Thanksgiving wasn’t a “wash out” so much as it was a barf out – three straight days sick as a dog, at the end finally gathering just enough energy to load up, get behind the wheel and head back home a complete (fishing) loss.

While we have one of those constant rains here, I hear the weather has finally turned, in North Texas, to something more like winter we recognize. Unfortunately, for another year, it doesn’t include the precipitation we expect from decades past. The lakes continue to drop when they used to catch a breather this time of year.

Once the party is over here in Houston, I’ve been enlisted to replace my 95-year-old Grandmother at her home in Weslaco, Texas – about an 800-mile turn-and-burn round trip. There’ll probably be a crossover to Mexico, as long as we’re in the Borderland, why not?

It’d be nice to hear from readers about what Santa put in their fly fishing bag last week. There were plenty of gift ideas that went unmentioned here, but I did manage to get that first part of the Fly Fishing Music Top 10 out, and CD’s make great gifts and long lasting New Year’s party favors. The top five of the ten will make their way out sometime before the New Year 2015, with the usual minimal fanfare and no early warning.


Whether it’s rain or cold, Texas is fully involved in the cold weather fly fishing patterns nowadays. So let’s go to OKLAHOMA. Last week’s trip to the Blue River was productive, but  in talking to one of the guys working there – we agreed the fish are a bit finicky and hard to come by (more like normal trout fishing!). He said they’ve been that way since the first cold snap, and these waves of cold and wet are keeping them unsettled (Blue River catch-and-release). That said, out of the fish I caught, there was a fish or two that were especially nice. I’ll have to get back to another machine to do the edit on that short video.


After last week’s video report, I did hear from a young fly fisher (among many others) back in town from boarding school, and through a series of text messages he was telling me about catching carp on the ice in Idaho. That got my attention. Any carp I’ve caught here in the winter months have been very similar to catching sunken logs.

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