Isle Du Bois Park at Lake Ray Roberts is Now Open!

| September 17, 2015

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Let me be one of the first to say hooray! Lake Ray Roberts largest and most used park, Isle Du Bois is now open for visitors after many months of being closed because of those May and June rains that seem like they were a year ago already.


This is the time to go. I caught bass all over that place on my skiff while the park was closed, and now that things have settled down, you will find fish in several locations. Be sure to check the shoreline riprap adjacent to the pier (the stretch along the shore to the north). Be ready for some schooling sand bass at sunset holed up right there as well. They’ll take a long cast, but you’ll see them.


Now is the time to peruse the entire park for the coves offered, and get a look at:

  • [ppw id=”111567033″ description=”Isle Du Bois Hot Spots” price=”.10″]
    • the cove down from the park office (be ready to get waist deep
    • the cove over in Hawthorn
    • the cove in Wild Plum
    • the cove in Quail Run

    This is only a few days removed from a year ago that I absolutely slaughtered crappie in the Quail Run cove, so don’t be surprised if you get some crappie action. Remember to slow down your retrieve, and my notes tell me they took on a circle hooked white/white Clouser. If you switch to circle hooks, you won’t be digging out the hook, and you won’t lose nearly as many crappie because of their soft mouths!

    I am simply happy to be able to have a place to go and walk and fish when I feel up for it. I will let you know how it goes!


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