Hybrids Rock and Kansas Rolls! Have you Ever SMELLED the FISH?

| April 8, 2008

fly fishing for hybrid bass in texas
Hybrid bass caught in North Texas Creeks
Matching ear rings – Hybrid style.

I have to preface this by saying I could actually smell the fish.

Look it’s almost 11 at night, Kansas wins the National Championship (I picked them early in the season), and I just got off a little creek south of Denton, with three Hybrids coming in at 15 pounds total. These are the first hybrids I have ever caught, and they are, to say the least, very interesting fish. We knew we had to go get after them today because all indications were the weather would close in and flood this creek for the rest of the week starting tomorrow morning.


+Shannon Drawe
+Texas Fly Caster

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  1. playformeacoustically says:

    “…they taunt me with their blatant disregard for my obvious fishing prowess.”


  2. lane says:

    great post….the pic is kind of scary