Here We Go Round-and-Round

| July 15, 2016


Storms passed through Denton, TX, again today, and caused damage across our neighborhood. That includes a car that was simply driving down the street when a tree fell on it crushing the top. Sorry, I don’t think “photojournalism” first anymore, and didn’t go running down my street as I used to do, to cover what we, in the old days, called “spot news.” Photojournalism, is for lack of a better term, dead and gone.

About the time I tell you it’ll never rain again, here comes the rain. That just goes to show you what we’ve done to Mother Nature. She’s permanently pissed. And it looks like I am headed for full open trench warfare with the City of Denton, and their complete ignorance on street drainage … first shots fired this morning as water came rushing down our driveway, creating a torrential river around the house and out the back fence.

So it’s a quick touching of base, and then off to the little odd-jobs that have piled up to about toe high around here. Good thing nothing happened (to my workload) while I was away. All the stories are really, and truly, in the works for Port Aransas, and the first installment should be out on Monday (since you have better things to do with your weekends).

Let me know if you know where the fish are! I am glad to pass that along to the masses – details in a full cloaking device. There’s your “Trekkie” reference. Now make the best of your Friday afternoon!

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