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| April 25, 2009

Denton Arts & Jazz - Stanley Clarke

In case you missed it, were in a coma, or have been on some exotic fishing expedition; Denton’s annual Arts & Jazz festival is in full swing.

It is interesting – the “formulas” used to calculate crowds at events, but let’s just say there were more people in attendance last night than ever before.

Headliner Stanley Clarke was well worth the claustrophobic effort to get a little closer than everyone else, and the crowd was quite laid back as I jostled for better position. But things have evolved at the Festival. There are very substantial chain link fences that obstruct a close-up view near the stage, and the same fences create unobstructed paths for the “beautiful people” to move to and from the stage freely.

So my advice for tonight, get there early, stake out a spot on the lawn, plug your ears and get ready for the Arc Angles.


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  1. shannon says:

    Clark with a K. I can’t figure out just how many musicians I am blending here Stanley Jordan, Clark, Clarke …

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