Arc Angels at Denton Arts & Jazz 2009

| April 26, 2009


The Arc Angels showed up at Denton Arts & Jazz last night, and that’s about all I can say. I would like to say they “tore the place up”, “ripped Denton a new one”, or some other well trodden rock-and-roll cliche’. Alas, they put on a good show, their musicianship was masterful as they dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s, but the feeling was more performance than show. It is impossible to really take anything away from this Texas Supergroup, and that’s not being attempted here. It just seemed, at times, as if there were somewhere else they would rather be on a beautiful North Texas Saturday evening.

Quite honestly, the Festival has outgrown its current layout, and it is now the time to move things around in the interest of accommodating crowds of epic proportions. It may be time to change the location of the main stage, redesign the hodgepodge of booths into a more organized pattern, and give everyone more room to breathe. The bottlenecks are annoying, and potentially hazardous.

I found one particular artist from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, that I found particularly interesting, and will be showing stills of his work tomorrow.


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  1. shannon says:

    Have had several e mails in agreement with crowds and need for change. Realistically, the only people that can handle the kind of sardine situation there will be young little people. Will run snippet on tomorrow.

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