Friday Fly Fishing Giveaway – How About Something Different?

| November 9, 2012

For those of you hangers on, and lurkers extraordinaire … this one’s for you. I have a handful of furled monofilament leaders that need to be used. Ever wondered what all the talk was about? Now’s the chance to have one of these for free, and see what a pure presentation looks like when it hits. Sure, I paid good money for these, and furled leaders can be purchased in the store, but that’s not the economy we find ourselves in, now is it?

furled fly fishing leader

Simply register here, and repost this, or any Texas Fly Caster story, on your facebook timeline and you score a Robin’s Custom Leader. You have until sundown Monday to complete your task. Not open to members already registered at Texas Fly Caster. REMEMBER – you have to repost something from this site, or the Texas Fly Caster Facebook Page.

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