Friday Fly Art – How about This?

| January 31, 2014

thin line film fest denton fly fishing in texas

A couple of months ago, if memory serves, my wife went traipsing out of the studio saying she had a photo shoot to go to, something about a movie called “When We Were All Broncos” – a documentary I think.

Fast forward to lunch today with local artist Clint Wilkinson who created Bell & Oak here in Denton. Anyway, Clint mentioned the movie again, saying his Mom was a part of the movie and it will be screened at Denton’s Thin Like Film & Music Fest in February.

Bronco Documentary from OC Imageworks on Vimeo.

If you take a long look at the Thin Line Film Fest, there will be plenty of art to soothe the fly fishers winter cold soul. It may not be the Fly Fishing Film Tour, but then how much hardcore fly porn can you stand? Anyway, pick and choose your events and let me know how you liked them. The Festival runs from February 12-16.

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