Four Years in a Day

| January 11, 2021

Are we living years in a day, or what? Just when we thought we could hit the “auto pilot” on the dashboards of our Tesla trucks, and cruise on down the road … comes a single day that lasts forever in our minds.


There is only one solution for me – let it go, and get on with getting ready for the virus to slow, and get on with the spring preparations. So that’s what I am doing. I will admit I am logged back in to Facebook, which I use for more sharing and gathering of business information, and now to suffer the low IQ political debate comments still in great supply from my nameless “friends” who I really am not friends with – but don’t tell them, or they will come after me with their AR’s. Those “friends” will be deleted soon enough. I had such high hopes for them, but they seem determined to disappoint. I hold out some hope for myself; I was logged out of Facebook for six months last year, and it was so … peaceful.

If you are a “Facebook” (FB) person, feel free to check out and follow the Texas Fly Caster Facebook page next time you are there. You see, I use FB for what I intended to use it for – business promotions and now political opinions – NOTHING MORE. You will know more about me – personally – by subscribing here, or by calling or texting me. Always remember: Facebook is not a real news source people!

I almost forgot, you will be up to date (as up to date as I can find time to be) as well by visiting the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel and subscribing there as well, no politics and no straying from the topics THERE. 

We had snow here in North Texas yesterday, but it did not even stick around. The weather roller coaster is now headed up the hill this week to highs in the mid-60’s … and that is as far as our local weathermen will forecast right now. I have no choice but to get out and stretch the line this week.


There are some gear reviews coming to the Texas Fly Fishing YouTube Channel soon, and if you are interested in any gear, that is purchasing any gear, feel free to ask about it! If I know anything I think is pertinent, I will let you know. And most importantly, I will not render opinions on gear that is NOT IN HAND. That means: If I don’t know, I will let you know, and send you to someone who does know. 

Fly fishing gear, and gear reviews, are a huge part of preparing for this spring-summer season, one unmatched by any spring-summer fly fishing season since this site has existed. There, I said it! That means I have to live up to it, right? There is nothing quite like going on the record, making promises – a real jinx if nothing else. No excuses!


Remember that we can use the bad weather for some very productive fly tying time. For me, I have never been more stocked-up with flies than now, but what that does is give me time to tweak my fly tying area and make improvements – only improvements. New lighting is in place, and I am perusing the catalogs for new fly tying materials every day now. I also have a standing call for bucktails from taxidermists who are willing to save them for me.

It is pretty obvious that along with the burst in interest in fly fishing, there is also a huge upswing in interest in fly tying. Lots of fly tying hooks and new products are SOLD OUT. These are truly amazing times in the fly fishing world, aren’t they? Be sure to include ORVIS in your thinking when it comes to fly tying materials, and although Barlow’s Tackle shows no sign of reopening their showroom, they still take online orders (I’ll check in with them again later this month). Ordering hooks online is no big deal, but I believe ordering hair and feathers IS a big deal, and needs to be seen and fondled before buying.

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