Fly Fishing on the National Upswing According to Report

| August 30, 2013

It’s Friday, and I hope you are ready for the first three-day holiday weekend to come your way this “fall” season. You won’t find me on any lakes during holiday weekends as a matter of principal, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to GET OUTSIDE and endure the 103-degree days forecast for this weekend – and assuming you survive, report back here on how your fly fishing excursions turned out.


I’m not sure how close you’ve been following, but you may recall I have given up the “news” as delivered by the vast majority of media outlets, and that mostly includes the ever shrinking local rag, Denton Record Chronicle. However, I will learn vicariously from my wife, as she reads (me the things I’m interested in) the paper version shared with her by our neighbor every morning. Low and behold, there was actually a story worth note in today’s bird cage liner.

According to the source quoted, the future of fishing has taken a turn for the brighter side in the latest statistics! The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation; “According to the most recent data available from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, fishing license sales increased 11 percent in the five-year period 2006 to 2011.” The report goes on to say that Americans made 1-billion fishing outings last year, averaging 21.3 fishing days per person. Forty-one percent of first-time anglers were female. Women and girls now comprise more than 30 percent of (North) American anglers. And, 4.5 million newcomers tried fishing last year. FLY FISHING attracted 20.5 percent of first time anglers.”

All I can say is – BREAK OUT THE BUBBLY!

It’s about time we fly fishers had some good news, and this is it.

Read the full report from Take Me Fishing here.



Remember to drink lots of water if you’re on the water this weekend. Conditions will be nothing short of brutal here in North Texas, and again I wonder exactly why I am here. It’s even too hot to work on the Airstream (aka. Silver Fly Shack), and while I am preparing the fall garden out back, I am pretty sure the root knot nematodes were pretty well killed by the elbon rye I planted, and the radiation from the sun penetrating the fallow ground for the last three months.

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by Shannon Drawe


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