Fly Fishing Galveston Jetties

| February 13, 2009

New Kid on the Boga Grip

Everyone keeps asking, “how did you know how much the Fluke weighed?” I Bogaed him of course! Fish on.

It’s an obstacle course to get there, but the Galveston Jetties are still there if anyone’s wondering.

I got there about sunrise, and gave it my best shots, with a couple of lost flies and apparent shark clean take – took that fly clean oft. Once the tide started going out, a strange calm took the jetties, and where waves had been spraying the rocks, all was calm and more rocks made their presence known in a matter of an hour.

If you want to say skunked, go ahead … a half day of fishing not catching. It just goes that way sometimes, but it’s still hard to get used to. It still feels like we’re forcing the seasons into compliance way before they are ready, willing and able to offer up the best of the Gulf’s gamefish.

I stopped by the megastore Fishing Tackle Unlimited, and was surprised by the fact they have a strong fly fishing section just inside the front door, with fly tying materials, rods, reels and flies. I have driven by the store a couple of times at odd hours (headed to or from Galveston), so stopping in was pretty much mandatory. Behind the fence was a used Boston Whaler center console about 16 feet long with the cat hull design and a nice little outboard on it. There must be more of them somewhere, and I wonder why they don’t still make this model. It was absolutely perfect. Someday maybe.

Back to DFW tomorrow, and a Valentine’s day and maybe Sunday get around to fishing somewhere new. The only catch from the coast was a new nephew, and he’s just in the slot at 20.25 inches and 7 pounds and 11 ounces. His name is Luke, so of course for our purposes it will be Fluke.

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