Fly Fishing Blue River Oklahoma

| February 4, 2020

What to know before you go

I made it up to the Blue River in Oklahoma yesterday, and all I can say is wow! I have never seen such a burst of new “medical” marijuana stores in my life! Yeah, if you thought Oklahoma was sleepy before, I would say a new kind of “chill” has gripped that State. More on that at a later date …

One thing about fly fishing a catch-and-kill area the day after two beautiful weather days? A lot of fish were caught, and a lot of fish were killed. So, to get an easy fix at the kill area was just not that easy …

The flows are high as well (as I was warned), and made the low crossing bridge more “interesting” than usual, but still passable for someone my size — NOT FOR KIDS! Yeah, I am fattening up for sure. Two years ago and my 140-pounds could have been swept away.

No need to be worried though. I spent the entire day prospecting, and finally found one of those huge pockets of fish – all the way down at the end of the line where the park runs out down south. You will have to go down some pretty steep inclines, and again there is enough water to make things borderline on the falls, but you’ll see evening risers and you can do serious damage with the usual flies. Why anyone would eat these fish is beyond me.

REMEMBER – We are in the last few weeks before the Blue River catch-and-release area becomes catch-and-kill as well. So you better get there soon. I would bet the stock in the C-n-R is running down already.

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