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| February 6, 2020

Maybe you have heard me complain about the shower of books that comes to me in the mail at least once a month? If not, let me just tell you they turned up the pressure as of late December and my stack of books to read and review is now just under two feet in height! And that’s just the ones around the house, I am sure there are stacks elsewhere … somewhere …

So many of these books have nothing to do with any kind of fly fishing I will probably ever do – you know, the lottery winner’s bucket list come true? But for the sake of prioritizing, I look at this daunting mountain (I am a slow reading – high comprehension kind of bloke), and wonder just where to start.

I can rule out the previously mentioned trust-funder-bucket-lister-lottery-winner and uninteresting books pretty easily:

  • The Sharks of Lake Nicaragua
  • Do It Yourself Bonefishing
  • Tenkara Today

The instructional books? Mandatory really, especially if I want my grey matter to keep expanding:

  • Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies
  • Nymphs For Streams & Stillwaters
  • Revised The Orvis Fly-Tying Guide
  • Fishing and Tying Small Flies
  • Squaretail – The Definitive Guide to Brook Trout and Where to Find Them
  • Tying Bugs
  • Sight Fishing for Trout
  • The Yellowstone Fly Fishing Guide

I judge these by their covers, and find them interesting:

  • 365 Best Fly Fishing Tips
  • 101 Fish A Fly Fishers Life List – Lefty Kreh
  • Good Flies – John Gierach
  • Storied Waters 35 Fabled Fly Fishing Destinations and the Writers & Artists Who Made Them Famous

These are at the top of the pile, first to read:

  • An American Traveler
  • The Fly Fisher and the River
  • Baitfishing in the Rainforest

And at the top of the pile is a unique book, from a unique publisher. The book Fly Fishing Austin & Central Texas by Aaron Reed seems like a great place to invest my eyes right now. If I am correct, this is part of a series of books, and since I am so close to this geographically, I will overlook the back cover blurbs by Chris and Phil, and dig right into this one. It also contains, as I strongly believe all books should contain, interactive updating and discussion at . That is awesome all by itself!

I have already started on Storied Waters by David Van Wie, so I will try and get to the Reed book in very short order – before the spring runs, and before the Guadalupe gets hot. You KNOW I am going to try and get a call in to Reed. The guy’s a tugboat captain, say no more.

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