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| January 28, 2022


I was doing my regular Texas Fly Fishing Report, and decided to roll an intro to my newest Patreon/flyfishing co-hot … I mean co-host – the Fly Fish Chic (no K). It’s a long story you’ll only get as a member of the Patreon Subscriber world. And come hell or high water (I prefer high water), we’re sticking to the Patreon flyfishing outlet until the last dog dies, or until YouTube kills Patreon dead.

Visit the first Patreon Channel dedicated to fly fishing at today! Join, and get ready for some very frank talk about what is happening in fly fishing – the BIG PICTURE! Today, just like last week, PK – Possum Kingdom Dam – is still your destination in North Central Texas. Just sayin’. Don’t go alone. It is a slip-sliding place. I bit a mouthful of water the last time I was there people! Bayou City Angler has moved to a new location, and the video has the Bayou City Angler map for you. Check it out!

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