Fly Feathers – Still Attached and Running Around

| February 21, 2009


I saw something out of the corner of my eye as I was making my way around our little city pond (name withheld to protect the poultry), and what did I spy, but a chicken. This was no ordinary foul, it was a big chicken. Now, I was not raised on the farm or with farm animals (contrary to what you may think), so I don’t even know my chicken from my rooster – especially when it comes to some exotic looking creature such as this.

It may not be Sasquatch, or a feral anything, but this chicken is a big wild-tame creature of some exotic variety. It has these feet, covered with feathers and a predominantly black and white coloration. Other than that, I now seek someone who can identify the chicken – at large and staying just out of reach in the thickets of North Texas. As you can see, one may get close, but not too close, before this creature runs you in circles around timber and through thorns. The least we could do is give this guy a good home, before it becomes fly fodder.


Weather in North Texas is still subject to the slings and arrows of Mother Nature, with a high in the 70’s yesterday and a high in the 50’s today. If anyone else is suffering from the doldrums, this is not the kind of weather to cure your ailment. If you thought the rising temperatures would signify a pre-prespawn, or a ruckus at the Hybrid Gauntlet, put away your trusty rods, and go to the gun show this weekend. There’s nothing going on but the rent in these parts.

Time is running out on many other fronts including any Trout stockings that may still have one or two stragglers looking for chow, or the Chain Pickerel phenomenon that dissipates in March on some East Texas waters. JH even had a couple of cents worth to contribute when it comes to that seriously delayed records hunt. He thinks a full on East Texas assault is in order, and has even picked out a bizarre quarry in Grinnel. Now, I know zero about Grinnel, except they look like another missing link in the evolutionary chain, and that alone qualifies them for true “Culture on the Skids”. If you “hate” the lovely Carp, you’re really going to “HATE” Grinnel.

Smile and Grinnel for the camera
Bowfin or Grinnel. Welcome to the prehistoric fishing network.
Honestly, about the only game in town are tanks, and they certainly are a great way to get back into the swing of things – as opposed to running out to the Jetties with your ten weight, stone cold and out of shape, and throwing blind for four hours. Besides the regular tanking, I am working on a Tank Network, where members can share access and information. Since we all realize how polluted most of our waters are, and especially tanks, anyone wishing to share access to a tank should rest assured; the only thing to do on tanks is strict catch-and-release. If you are fishing on city ponds, streams that have runoff, park ponds, city bound rivers, and inland Gulf Coast waters, why take a chance? If someone knows of a pristine tank or city pond, please feel free to speak now, or forever release your fish.


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  1. LeslieK says:

    I’m pretty sure that is a Brahma. Here is a link
    I think you need to catch it and make it the first of our flock! LK

  2. Purple Hays says:

    yep. THAT’S a chicken.

  3. Cindy says:

    looks like a rooster to me.

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