Fly By Night Radio #001 – Fly Fishing Music for Late Night Listening

| October 22, 2014

Listen to NIGHT FLY RADIO SHOW #001 if you like – Robert Plant | Hard Working Americans | Phish | Jack White | Black Keys | Drive-By Truckers | Centro-Matic


Welcome to the first big fly fishing music roundup for the Fall of 2014! For those readers who are new here, you may be realizing that there’s a lot more going on than just straight simple fish porn. That’s the way it has always been, and that’s the way it goes.

I figured we better get an early start in this year’s countdown, by simply bringing out the first handful of candidates that have hit my eardrums this year. Not only are there a lot of new releases, there are more to come before we hit the countdown this December.

Still to come is a release by none other than Pink Floyd, a release called ldldldl that mends the riff with Roger Waters. Maybe we’re jaded, but the first guess is that someone needs the money for prostate surgery, or some grandkid in rehab. Nevertheless, we will see what a reconstituted Pink Floyd has to offer this November.

You will find accompanying audio with this story for the first time ever. Do not fear! Please click on the file to listen to what I am tentatively calling, “Night Fly Radio.” Yes, I stole a piece of it from Donald Fagan. I hope he is flattered, and no I am not “Lester.”

The tunes you can hear on Night Fly Radio 001 are selections from new releases by Phish, Hard Working Americans, Jack White, Robert Plant, Drive-by Truckers and Denton band Centro-Matic. It’s about a 30-minute show recorded in the dead of night in the middle of nowhere, so if it sounds like I am putting on the “AOR radio voice” it’s just a plain old beat down … and maybe a little sublime AOR attempt.

We’ve had a “Fly Fishing Top 10” music countdown for years now, and I believe many of these releases will end up in the final ten. It is a big year and narrowing it down will be tough, so feel free to opine. There will be more radio shows to give you a chance to hear and not just read about the music, we’ve barely scratched the surface so far.

The opinions on what has radically altered the music business, for better and worse, are widely varied, but Apple shook things up when they force-fed an entire new CD by U2 to all their users without our permission. I thought it was an extraordinary gift to find in my phone, but wonder; is this the face of things to come? Some people actually don’t like U2! Imagine that.

I am a huge fan that has had my interest dented in U2 simply because it took way too long to release this CD, and it isn’t worth the wait. WE expect U2 to alter the sound landscape with every release, and dkdkkdkd does that, but if you are expecting much more meaning … sorry, you’ll have to wait a few more years. This is a pop release.

Robert Plant looks like a lion in winter, at least that’s what he looked like when I saw him on some early morning talk show the other day. Who, among us, would have thought we would hear music like this (yodeling sounds interpreted into sweeping wide vocals) from Robert Plant? Ever? Add the other sounds assembled on “Lullaby and the Ceaseless Roar” and I’ll just say you want to own this one.

Jack White, the Black Keys and Drive-By Truckers deliver solid releases this year as well. I’ll be taking all these releases apart when we get to the countdown later this year.

When it comes to Phish and Moe, I tend to think of these two bands together as jam bands, with a distinct Rocky Mountain high (emphasis on high) following, feeling and sound. What these two bands offer this time around is akin to an extremely fine wine now aging gracefully in a perfect environment, perfect conditions. The Phish release is especially good because it sounds so great. The musicianship, the quality of recording, all combine to create a CD that doesn’t get old. We listen to it in the studio on repeat – that’s how good it sounds. It doesn’t hurt that they can turn a phrase, and twist meanings to fascinate a listener.

The Hard Working Americans are something of a supergroup, and with none other than master storyteller Todd Snider handling the bulk of lead vocals – you have to give it a listen. It’s a CD full of cover tunes, but the tunes covered are powerful interpretations of the classic originals.

What can I say about Centro-Matic? They’re a Denton band that travels the world. They’re way out, with a sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before. This band, Will Johnson, Midlake – all related, and all going to the top eventually – one way or another. For now they remain musician’s musicians, barely found in the USA, idolized across the pond, and spreading through other continents.

NOTE – We will get down to the brass tacks of selecting bands for the Fly Fishing Top 10 Music Countdown next month. I hope you enjoyed the audio Podcast. I think you can actually download that and save it to your iTunes playlist for later listening. Try it. If not, let me know and I will make that happen for anyone who wants to take it with them!

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