Crack in the Door – Ray Roberts Marina Has Ramp Open

| July 22, 2015

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For the vast majority of fly fishers, a boat ramp is something we never needed around North Texas. We’ve been on foot for, in my case, ten years, and on easy launch-anywhere kayaks for almost all of those years as well. All the wrangling about where to launch to chase carp this season is precipitated by the fact that a walk-and-wade pursuit of carp or any other fish on Lake Ray Roberts (right now) is all but impossible. And the ramps at all TPWD parks have been closed since May, and are promised to be closed until at least September.

Well, there’s a crack in the door – a convenient place to launch kayaks and boats on Ray Roberts. Apparently the privately managed Ray Roberts Marina (USACE owns the property), is allowing a limited number of launches daily from their ramp tucked back in a cove behind the marina’s boat slips. Capitalists that they are (and always have been), there’s a $5-dollar fee for the launch, and although I have parked there a lot, for some unknown reason I am a little less trusting of the security in this area.

This opening would explain the huge amount of boat traffic on Lake Ray Roberts last Sunday. I will get out there later today to confirm this report, and see just how crowded it is during the middle of the week – all this in an effort to get a clean launch of the skiff later on this week. If you are a boater, be sure to put safety first, and watch for significant amounts of floating debris – debris that may have significant amounts of submerged danger attached to it. It’s far from the “safest” time to be on Lake Ray Roberts, but maybe you’re like me, and hear the fish calling.

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