Catch Your Breath It’s Monday Morning Again!

| February 26, 2018

Texas Fly Fishing Helped by Winter Rains

It’s a bright sunny Monday, and that’s about all this week has to offer, as we have a return of rain tomorrow and Wednesday … which bodes well for some perfectly timed lake releases that bring hybrids screaming up our ditches and rivers in search of safe sex and great food. What else is there after all?

I did take a few minutes to look at our lake levels, and many are above conservation pool, and in flood pool now. I thought the one interesting exception was Texoma. As much rain as we’ve had, and that lake is still not to the top of conservation yet? I am thinking in terms of “triggers” that are pretty rare; flood events on lakes that force huge releases that restock the spillways with quantity and quality striper. And just up the road? It’s hybrid action we’re dreaming of … We’ve seen it before, and since it is actually more rainy in spring, the winter has kicked in with a good amount of rain, and lakes are brimming … could we have another of those phenomena floods where we fly fishers are the happiest campers around? Only time will tell.

Looking 24-hours into the future, I will once again hunker down with my Dyna-King, and the ingredients that make up some of my most reliable flies. How many dozens – of these reliable patterns – are enough? I’ll tell you – there’s never enough of the good stuff! Add the demand for about three dozen natural Clousers for those clear lakes, and I have my marching orders!


It sounds like there was some weather at last Saturday’s Fly Fish Texas event in Athens, Texas?  I know February was early for this event, but for those saying March would be better, or April would be even better … do you really think that? It’s Texas, and all that means is – when it comes to weather we really don’t KNOW what month or date would be better than another. It is always the roll of the dice.


Regardless, the days are getting longer and long lost voices are contacting me now – ready for spring to spring, impatient as always, as we ride out the bucking doldrums a little longer. We have to keep our guards up though. March snows here are not exactly unheard-of, but at least we’re going to get to see what a “real winter” has done to our spring and summer seasons. That alone, is an exciting proposition!

Have a great week! If you have two-cents to add to the conversation, feel free to do so …

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