Buy on the Rumor – Sell on the News

| December 20, 2010

Sometimes fishing is a lot like Wall Street. We run with a rumor, even a true story, and once we can’t get those same results, we sell out and move to either something we know, something else we’ve heard, or back home with our tails between our legs.

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Today wasn’t much different. It’s difficult to know what to do with the air temperatures in the mid 70’s, effectively killing any interest and belief that Oklahoma would produce much in the way of rainbow trout on the Blue River. And since there’s been a cold snap, it’s also hard to believe that any warm water species have been jogged back into activity.

This morning’s text message said that someone had caught their limit of crappie at a nearby location, one I had only heard about and never seen. It’s the confluence of Clear Creek and the Trinity River. The fact I have never been there along with the need to walk off a nagging back ache, and put a few fillets on the grille, lead me to chase this rumor to its early demise, and I ended up looking further up the Trinity in hopes ghost crappie had moved north.

Although I didn’t find any crappie, the sand bass were going strong at the dam just below Ray Roberts Lake. I managed a couple dozen from ten to nearly fourteen inches, but not enough large ones to muster the courage to keep a few. So, if you want to cast off some winter weight, get a good tan and catch a few fish, I’ll see you there again soon. If you go, try a fluorescent red over chartreuse Clouser – shallow! There is little flow, and my best guess is the fish are hiding behind the large boulders in the small current. A drift that swings, or a slow retrieve is your ticket to plenty of small fun.

Note – In the interest of getting this out, I didn’t master the audio. Sorry if you can’t hear it well, but if you really want to know what was said, just ask.

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