In the Bayou City Super Bowl Weekend 2017

| February 6, 2017

Houston Super Bowl weekend and some fly fishing to boot

Well, our most popular day of the week – MONDAY – has been preempted by the need for me to tend to family in Houston, Texas. I sure can think of a lot of worse places to be in Texas! Some of you may have read between the lines before now, and know what I have come to know; Houston has it going on in a great way.

Thanks for stopping by anyway, and these next few days are touch-and-go, not an emergency, not about me, but very much unexpected. And for those following along, all along, at home; salt plans for February, due to events here, have been cancelled. The “plans” have been cancelled, but this month feels somewhat unpredictable in every imaginable way.

For the moment, I am looking for someone who knows something about anything going on at Daingerfield, and the chain pickerel there. Anybody? Anyone? Been there lately? That little fish has been swimming through the back of my mind lately. Silence seems to be gripping the Texas Fly Nation lately.

What else is swimming around? I’d love to capitalize on this weather and put the wraps on an “average” Blue River C-n-R season with one last trip there before the C-n-R is turned over to catch-and-kill.

Just in case you missed last weeks headlines, here they are for your reading:

We are getting close to sand bass time in North Texas, which is a lot closer here in Houston. The weather here is overcast, a bit threatening and humid – just like I like it for this time of year. While back in North Texas, that extra five-to-ten degrees cooler … bites a bit harder. Stay tuned if you dare.


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