Monday Morning Sidewalk – Movember and Winter Wanderings on the Fly

| November 7, 2016

Monday morning and it’s not good for that much, except that we woke up this morning. And now here we are … rain and a weeks worth of unpredictable weather ahead of us. Apparently North Texas actually ranks as one of the least predictable areas of Texas weather, which should not come as any surprise to we local landlubbers. Regardless, I hope you won the battle to arrive at your location safe, sound and sane.

Those feverish wandering feelings of fall are finding their way into our fly fishing consciousness now. Where do we go? It is the month of Black Friday Fly Fishing, the month of change, the month we teeter between salt and sweet water, between the Texas Gulf Coast and the Oklahoma trout destinations. Obviously, we will be chalking up some miles, but at least we have insanely cheap gas prices to keep us rolling.


There’s not much at all to say about the election tomorrow, except VOTE. And if you are living in any of the states that have marijuana laws on the ballot, be sure to vote FOR legalization. I don’t think it will matter in the long run, as the federal government will probably legalize it for a new tax resource in the next four years. it’s only logical. The election nightmare is almost over, and we begin a four year term for a president that the largest majority of US voters find “unfavorable”  in the history of that measurement. Aren’t you glad we keep politics and fly fishing widely separated here? Four more years of paying no mind, and having no dog in the race? I can take that.

I will be spending available time and space on re-covering and publishing archived information on the Lower Mountain Fork River in Oklahoma and the Blue River. At the same time, I will also bring our Texas Gulf Coast fly fishers information on the annual flounder run – a natural event custom tailored for fly rod.

The one thing we DON’T want is another winter marked by … no real winter at all. That’s what I remember of last winter, and even if I had been able to fish it, everything I heard translated to say to me: If you’re going to miss an entire Texas-Oklahoma fly fishing season season, winter 15-16 was one to miss. I think we’re all hoping this winter weather is significantly different from last.


Don’t forget! It’s “Movember,” and that means we men, young and old, are given the green light to not shave in awareness of various cancers that effect men. So dedicated your face to the effort, and go no mow in November. At the end of November, I will give a free 1-year “Paid Content” membership to the guy who sends in a photo of their un-mowed face with the best growth. It has to be an un-mowed face and a fish in the photo – those are the rules, and I am the judge of your mug.


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