Yellowstone About to Blow

| January 7, 2009

Yellowstone To Explode in 2009?

In these frightening times add the potential for Yellowstone to become the epicenter of [ppw id=”133611803″ description=”Yellowstone Volcano” price=”.10″]

a giant volcanic event. Apparently scientists are seeing elevated activity below the surface of Yellowstone, enough to grab the attention of major media outlets, and hand end-world believers another card to play in their losing hands. And in a game where losing is winning, a massive volcano hundreds of times the intensity of St. Helens in Washington, Yellowstone could be a royal flush in more ways than one.

If you are looking for cheap (meaning free) entertainment, have a look at Strangely enough, that thread is from 2003! Old news is new again in the end times. Now there’s a danger factor to fishing that area that can only drive our youthful, immortal, irreverent and faddishly edgy fly rads to Yellowstone to catch the last fish. I see a future installment in the Drake or This is Fly just waiting on this one to blow.

One thing is certain, we’re looking at a major fish fry someday, and there won’t be any seconds.


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  1. Cindy says:

    according to the mayans we’ve got until 2012. well actually more like according to people’s mis-interpretation of the lack of a mayan calender past 2012. i guess 24 is better than nothing eh?

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