Wipers – Going Another Direction

| March 5, 2009

Aerial Photography by Jonny Carroll
Jonny Carroll Photograph

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Jonny Carroll Aerial Photography
Jonny Carroll Photograph

My thanks go out to Jonny Carroll, owner Jdonut Photography, and next door neighbor. I was actually down there somewhere slogging through the mud when he was in the luxury box (helicopter) looking down on the little people.

Forecast is for rain starting Sunday, and into Monday and Tuesday. That would probably do a couple of things – raise the creeks, and stop the construction. Word in the creeks is that the Sand Bass are already running (small). We are looking another direction to see if they will run up on another tributary.

I contacted the holder of the record for Smallmouth Bass at Ray Roberts. How strange is that – a Smallmouth in Ray Roberts? It was probably the last one. I can’t wait to hear back from him. I am carrying around forms (like a maroon) since there are NO catch-and-release records for Ray Roberts. The rub; there needs to be a witness, and I fish alone so much of the time. If I have your number, be ready to come out on a moments notice to witness, and witness release!


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