Wild Art Wednesday

| January 30, 2019

What is “Wild Art,” you might ask?

When I was working at newspapers, one of the most dreaded assignments was, “Go look for wild art,” which meant driving around Gods great creation and finding some unusual or usual feature photo. It could be anything from a lady riding a lawnmower with a small baby in her lap (yes I got that), to kids at the park (remember when it wasn’t considered a perv thing?) to weather or nature in full show.

The problem with wild art was, a) driving around putting miles on your jalopy, and b) driving and not looking at the road most of the time, plus, c) listening to the scanner for spot news as well.

Most of the time we were “shooting for holes,” which meant there were holes in the newspaper page layout, and there was no content except for the photographs they were waiting on us to deliver. Deliver meaning process the film, and create the print from the negative – first in black & white and in later years in living color. If they were inside page holes, we would during the newspaper photography evolution, have to print black & white from color negatives. That WAS a trick.

That’s what WILD ART was to me. Now I am reclaiming that term for better – MUCH BETTER – use.


There are plenty of readers who think I have been “off the fly fishing reservation” since day one, and there are other generations who have probably disappeared due to out-and-out boredom. It is so nice to know, or have known you both. Wednesdays are known by a lot of things actually. Probably the most famous being HUMP DAY. What better day for Wild and Art than Wednesday in my estimation. It is an opportunity to expand horizons, mine and yours, and get a look at wildness and art that you may not be aware of, or in some cases – many not want to be aware of. 

Examples of what will be rolling hot off the presses:

– book reviews music reviews and wild art to be found and EXPOSED for your own 

  • Book Reviews
  • Music Reviews
  • Wild Art Reviews and Upcoming Shows
  • Ongoing Artworks by anyone who wishes to participate
What Work Do You Have Going On Now?

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