We’re Baaaack in the Saddle Again

| October 18, 2011

Just when you thought the fly fishing world was safe again, I’m back, reloaded and ready for bear.

Thanks to booking a shoot in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, I managed to gather about four solid days there, and string together about a days worth of fishing.

There’s Good News and Bad News


There’s more going on in Texas than meets the eye. Apparently the red tide outbreak is spreading – on and off, and the post I had ready to go on it last week, is likely way out of date by now. I will check my sources, update that and publish it tomorrow.

The doldrums for inland Texas are in full swing. Temperatures are dropping, La Nina is in place, and lakes and rivers continue to drop*.


It looks like the flounder run on the Texas Gulf Coast is underway, and that could be in the cards in the near future. Long time readers may recall that I stumbled onto researched, and executed a very successful morning of flounder on fly awhile back in Galveston, Texas.

Work is still getting in the way of getting away to Austin to have a look at the new location of Living Waters Fly Shop, and the interview there.

There are a few posts on fly fishing a couple of locations around Pagosa Springs, Colorado, as well as the Pagosa Springs Brewery and Let it Fly – a wonderful mom-and-pop fly shop in Pagosa Springs since 1997. I didn’t have much time, and left with more questions than clear answers, but I think the posts on Pagosa Springs will entice you to give it a go if you’ve been sitting on the fence. Of course, the time is just about up for fly fishing much of Colorado as the snow has fallen, and the sun is setting on this season.

*Even with those (the doldrums) liabilities, I am looking for comrades to brave the waters of Lewisville Lake, Amon G. Carter Lake, Lake Arrowhead, and a few more places that will either begin to get too cool soon, or where the fishing will start to heat up soon.

So, sit back down at your screen, open a brew, pour a hot cup, or whatever it is you do, and get ready for new photography, words and information related to travel (a surprise story) and fly fishing in Texas and Colorado. Full ahead at warp speed!

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