Welcome to the Winter Solstice

| December 21, 2015

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As great as my “fly shop” space is to my thinking, it needs a lot of TLC right now. I’ve never been mistaken for a “TYPE A” person – even though I am as close as I will ever get when it comes to, a) photography, and b) fly fishing. The days are getting longer though.

Complications came when I piled all the flotsam and jetsam of a boat on top of the ins-and-outs of running hither an yon – chasing rumors and fish all over North Texas. It’s not unheard of to dump the trout boxes and waders, pick up the striper flies and head for a dam or lake – inside of a 24-hour period. And the piles grew … READ MORE 

Until we get our studio built, I am bound to share my fly world with the laundry world, and that doesn’t add to my ambience, to my macho factor, in any way whatsoever. I only wish I knew how to harness the heat from the clothes drier to warm the fly shop. Make no mistake, I’ve got it good.

Seeing as it is the shortest day of year, and there’s a cold still stewing in my head, I think this a good time to stay in and clean the winter den, and prepare for the real cold to come. You’ll probably not see an “before-and-after” photo because “after” lasts about an hour before the shop gets overrun again!


Art deadlines are now past, and the battle with the cold in my head is winding down, the Christmas gift scavenge hunt begins, family comes and family goes, messes are made, and messes are cleaned away, all in the next two weeks.

The weather goes extreme, extremely mild this week as the talkingweatherheads are saying 70-75 degrees midweek. How crazy is that? That’ll be a boat day, methinks. I had the mental motivations during November and earlier in December, but now I actually have the physical motivation to follow through and snatch-and-latch the boat and go somewhere and get her wet. Gone are the days when I could only look out my window and wonder what all I was missing.

We will run through the Fly Fishing Top 10 in 2015 music, and a radio show to do (listen for that new deep, sweet voice of mine). You can expect a new post every day this week, and I hope to continue the furious output throughout what’s left of 2015. Then MY real celebrating begins, as we say goodbye to a year I want to completely forget, and look forward to a new year full of promise and creativity – on every front.

I will outline next year’s changes, and challenges (the ones I know about) as things wind down nearer this year’s blessed end. I know a few folks that have had this much change heaped on them inside a year’s time, but only a few. Top-to-bottom, I live in a changed world, and there’s even more change as politics rears its ugly head once again in 2016.  I’ll take a look back at some of what I wrote here just after Obama took over in 2009 as well. Perhaps a “What’s in – What’s Out” for 2016 story is due. What do you think is “IN” or “OUT” for 2016?

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