Water Wednesday With Ozone Icing on Top

| June 29, 2016


If you think back to the old days of reading “Water Wednesday” reports on water conservation here in North Texas, you’ll remember the old adage passed along to me, “It always rains.” For now, that seems to be true. Sooner, or later it finally, always, rains. Now, that we are in year two of torrential spring rains, I think I have something to add to that old saying: It always stops raining.

If you look at this two year potential pattern, essentially we get rained on in biblical proportions in typical months, and then it just stops. Drought maps began to change color late last year, bringing back the dread of drought, and then it rained again. Remember the drought maps do not measure lake or reservoir levels.


If you watch this animated GIF of 2015, you can blatantly see that by July 7, the drought was beat, and by August 24th. 2015 it was creeping back in. That’s the pattern, and we are set to repeat it again this year. One more year makes a pattern, in my book.



I don’t know about you, but this heat is a complete beatdown. Working outside, as I do much of the time, it requires an early start, and if I don’t completely tap-out sooner, an early quitting time to keep from being exhausted for two days after. It’s a fine line. Besides the heat, we have ozone. I am beginning to think we “misunderestimate” the power of pollution to effect our daily outdoor work and adventures here in North Texas. When the talking-weather-heads say, “stay indoors if at all possible today,” we now be living in a time when that’s exactly what we must do … in the interest of living longer, healthier fly lives. Personally, I want to live long enough to get out of this hell, away from the heat and / or the ozone.

The outdoor jobs are virtually complete anyway. Revamping the Fly Bar will be done today. New gauges and maintenance on the skiff’s Merc are done, and ready for Port Aransas (in less than two weeks). In between, a little more outdoor work, as new fence lines are erected around the backyard studio, moving in to the new studio for Cimarrona and as little more work outdoors as I can possibly create … not enough to overwhelm two or three lake “inspections” a week. Keep Calm & Hydrate On.

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