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| December 26, 2011

Shakespeare Spiderman Fishing PoleI hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas! I enlightened another youngster yesterday by giving him his first fishing pole – a Shakespeare Spiderman pole, sunglasses and tackle box. We were casting inside, aiming for his big sister’s new super deluxe multi level doll house.

It wasn’t long before he was repeating after me, “press and release” while simultaneously swinging the rod. The first couple of “casts” were driven straight down, but I got him sidearming and it wasn’t much longer before the soft red rubber fish was flying forward.

Last year his sister got her Barbie pole, you know the ones that catch record fish all the time – mostly in East Texas. I guess she forgot though, because she was definitely wanting to get her hands on his spiderman pole. But he was not about sharing at that moment.

Once he was willing to share, he even began showing her how it was done – all in the space of fifteen minutes. “Press and release” he said, putting her finger on the button.

I saw the future, and was satisfied. Not bad for a two-year-old, not bad at all.

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