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| March 17, 2015

#flyfishing TEXAS FLY CASTER FACEBOOK Page if you must

It’s hard to tell what’s next this week, isn’t it! The radar is showing spring coming from an unusual direction and in the form of rain, but we have yet to get a drop here north of the DFW Metromess.


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How about a media tour of what’s happening on different guide’s pages on the flimsy and buggy Facebook platform? Facebook lurkers can find Jeremy Chavez, who has the website Casting Tales, continuing to chalk up huge reds in Louisiana with photos to show for on his Facebook page.

Looking for something a little bit closer to home perhaps?

Alvin Dedeaux and his band of merry fly fishers at All Water Guides still have that area of Texas nailed down for your fly addictions.

Fresh water fly fishers have no fear – Rob Woodruff is here. Woodruff Guide Services on Facebook well outpaces his website, as it seems everyone has sold their soul to the Facebook devil. His site Fly Fishing Fork sports a lovely new look, one that emulates a WordPress site, but leaves the work of “posting” also called “blogging” by some, to the Facebook fans.

It’s pretty obvious the Texas saltwater guides continue to be busy. Scott Sommerlatte, who I am a particular fan of, is pretty consistent about posting to his Facebook page. His website hasn’t changed since I can remember, but who can blame anyone too busy to do anything but use Facebook these days.

At the bottom end of Texas, a long way from home (but home to my past), Scott Sparrow has a personal/professional mix on his Facebook page, and having read his book, “Healing the Fisher King,” I can say I like his mix. He’s all the way down in the Valley, a place that is at the opposite end of the state, and his fly fishing website is at www.lagunamadreflyfishing.com. I see some broken images there, but it could just be a bad connection.

If you want a full featured nature walk, be sure to check out Scott Null’s Facebook page. He’s always featuring all kinds of nature he finds, and I like the slice he takes of life.

There’s really no telling what we can find … for example, on Eric Glass’s Facebook page, there’s a fantastic acoustic video by Jimmy Buffett, well worth the price of admission! So good in fact, I shared it on the Texas Fly Caster Facebook page.

ENOUGH OF THIS! It’s still not raining, so I have to get out and off this keyboard, which never caught any fish, and go see what’s going on outside. Feel free to recommend your surfing results! God knows, you won’t find nearly as many good stand-alone websites anymore, as everyone is invested so deeply into the Facebook phenomenon. And it is just that – a phenomenon in the grand scheme. By the way, is anyone interested in purchasing the www.texasfishing.guide URL? Now that’s not a phenomena!


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