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| November 22, 2013

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The homestead is dark and warm. The heat’s turned up since the significant other is out on the road peddling Cimarrona, and I just poured a frothing cup of coffee as the clock’s about to strike one. It’s amazing the froth you can get on coffee when you’re awake enough to pour it from twenty inches altitude above the cup.

There’s no reason to fish right now unless you need to test your weather meddle. It seems more like time to put on that top layer of fleece, roll up the collar, roll up the buff, pull down the hat and squint out at the TV. It seems like a good a time as any to embark on the official Texas Fly Caster Christmas Fly Fish Wish List for this year as well.

I would hate to just throw everything out to shoppers all at once, but I think we can perhaps take a new tack, a head-to-toe dressing of the fly fishing addict. So let’s start at the head.


CIMARRONA Hats and Accessories still sells a lot of the Angler Hat which I designed three years ago just for fishing enthusiasts who want to wear ballcaps all year long, but need to keep their heads warm when it turns cold. I saw the original design, I think from Simms, and filed it away until it came back to me more full developed … functional. The fact the Angler also works for women as well as men is a bonus, and I am encouraging greater production of feminine colors to bring the style and comfort to the female fly fishers I have come to know, and fish with, lately. One of coolest things about these warm hats is the fact they are all one-of-a-kind hats, wearable art if you will. You have the opportunity to purchase Cimarrona hats locally, at Curiosities in Dallas (Lakewood), Sleeping Lizards in Denton, and contact me for stores carrying Cimarrona in Virginia, West Virginia, New York, Rhode Island, Maryland and New Hampshire. I guarantee this hat to keep your head warm, and I guarantee the durability of the hat … I have connections.

HOWLER BROS Disco BeanieAt the other end of the spectrum, but still close to home, is the new run of hats at Howler Brothers. Classic shapes, like the “Disco Beanie,” and colors are the signature look for Howler Brothers winter 2013. Howler Bros started pumping out new fashions this fall, which they haven’t done a lot of in the past, and we are so much the better for it! I’ve been buying and wearing Howler for awhile, and it looks good and holds up after real use.


Simple design and exceptional components make Flex Spex the best of the BunchI still have a few pairs of Flex-Spex left in stock, and have finally seen them reach retail outlets including Tailwaters Dallas, and now Orvis … only two years after I began selling them here (pat myself on the back). As much as I dig Flex-Spex, I find myself wearing full brimmed hats more often now, which rules out Flex-Spex on many occasions.

I assume Obama will approve my budget for new glasses in 2014 – my first eye exam since that whacked out Bells Palsy thing. So we wmay look at how to get prescription Costas next year. Being a photographer, the eyes are somewhat important. Competition in the fly fishing sunglass category really heated up at the end of the North American season with a new lens introduced by Smith Optics, so the spring search should be an adventure.

For your eyes, consider some new fly fishing DVD’s, like Confluence Film’s “Waypoints”, And don’t forget to visit Recycled Books on the northeast corner off the Square in Downtown Denton Texas. They have a fantastic selection of fly fishing books, and more photography books than any store in the entire DFW area – period.


The next Texas Fly Caster Christmas Fly Fish Wish List story will be about what a fly fisher needs in their ears – music. And this has been a much better year than last in regard to feeding the brain’s music needs. Right now, I am listening to one musician I missed last year – Gary Clark, Jr., and wondering how I missed this. I did see it in stores, but the cover was so lame, I forgot all about it. When it comes to music shopping, be sure to visit an old school store right here in Denton, Texas. Located on the south side of the Square in Denton is Mad World Records, and they have the music that’s new but maybe hard to find at the big box stores – like the hit new (Denton band) Midlake CD. Both Mad World and Recycled carry vinyl as well.

Let me know what you want for your Christmas / Holiday / hanukkah / Kwanza, etc … and I will make sure I let your gift giver know – just send them a link to these gift stories, and let them put two-and-two together. Stay warm. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

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