Time Keeps on Slipping into the Future

| March 13, 2013

We are on a gradual warming trend this week, and if we can get those nighttime temperatures to come up a bit, we should be in the slime real soon.

As it is, we had almost two inches of rain last weekend (while I was in Athens, TX), and the rain ran into the streets, and it ran into the drains, and it ran into the canals, and it ran into the creeks and in less than 48 hours it was gone. The creeks went back down before they even cleared.

Lakes that were just out of the path, like Ray Roberts, moved nary an inch, and it’s just another day on Lewisville Lake as well. What we need now is a biblical rain, plain and simple.

Thursday is a quick trip to continue the work on the mobile fly shack (aka. Airstream) and then, if there’s time left to prepare, Friday it’s a road trip in the easterly direction. How far and where are yet to be determined, but from what I am getting on the radar, the EAST is the new west. Much, much more on that later.

Awhile back I was digging around on the internet and came across some waders by Rapala. I don’t remember exactly where I found them, but they’re called EcoWear and they have this wild tiger-like pattern on them that makes good sense for camouflage, and to make a short story long … I hit the contact button and filled out the box basically saying I thought they were cool, wish they were available in the USA, and sure would like to try a pair.

I exchanged a couple of e mails with a gentleman on the other side … of the ocean, a border? and gave my measurements and mailing address really expecting nothing since they aren’t available in the USA.

Well, by the magic of UPS they appeared on my doorstep today, and I opened up the box not having an idea what was inside. I opened everything – box, box and packaging, and unrolled them and slid them on. First impression is they fit very well, a very non-USA trim fit throughout. They have a kind of sissy-bar back pad threaded into the belt, and the belt is USA size, but I am impressed right out of the box. It’s hard to see when I will be able to do a review on waders, but maybe a Tennessee or North Carolina stream will be the test not too long from now. This much is certain the camo look of these waders is perfect for winter Texas Gulf Coast.

Rapala EcoWear Waders

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