Spring Break is Here This Monday Morning

| March 11, 2013

Different scholastic entities will be starting their spring breaks at different times, but it IS spring break here in this village of 45-thousand students university, and the village quietly rests. The key word here is, “spring.”

After a cold day today, the trend is warmer all week long. Of course if you are headed to, or near, any popular water spots, chances are you could be dealing with spring breakers. However, we know better than to hit the Texas State Parks around here, and heaven help those thinking about South Padre Island – unless you’re smart like Rey Ramirez.

Rey was telling me he launches at the Arroyo Colorado and heads out from there to the Bay. Thank goodness there’s no pressure on the Arroyo!

The lecture at the Texas Freshwater Fishery on Saturday went well, even if there was no time to get game ready before taking the stage. That’s because I was scrambling around Athens looking for a PC cable to plug my laptop into the TPWD system. Folks seemed to enjoy it, and there were a few of you who read Texas Fly Caster who managed to make it to Athens for the events and the presentation on carp. I pared it down a bit with the time limit placed on me, and I will be posting a post script on the things I left out of that talk. And as I think I said, there’s an E Book in the works for April.

If you are spring breaking this week, feel free to subscribe to my twitter account @texasflycaster. I like to post “FISH FLASH” tweets when spring action breaks out, and I will be looking for that action starting tomorrow. I’ll give you a hint; we’re going to be looking east a lot more, and a lot further, than in the past history of Texas Fly Caster.

Welcome to your Monday morning wherever you are, and if you were at the Athens presentation, thanks for coming! If you are on spring break this week, send me a message and maybe we can get out and fish in your neck of the woods.

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