The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

| July 5, 2021

What a wonderful description this old Joe Walsh album title presents this Monday Morning Sidewalk!

Joe Walsh was well known to try and one-up Keith Moon when it came to partying back in the day. The only difference being, Joe survived and Keith is banging drums in the afterlife, wherever he landed.

I am wide open this week to anyone looking to book a last minute trip on Lake Ray Roberts, and am actually headed there right after this posts. A subtle reminder that next week, the rubber meets the road, and it’s Port O’Connor, Texas, for a little salting of the soul. We’ll be salting the bottom of a brand new full carbon Chittum Laguna Madre II as well, if my friend takes delivery in time for the trip. He has been extraordinarily patient while the Florida boat maker was struggling to keep up with production demands brought on by several outside forces at work to slow most of Florida, and the Nation’s boat manufacturing.

After last year’s dream sequence on salt (remember the trip to the ER?), there are fish scores to settle down south, time to make up for, and new skiff capabilities that should change the game slightly. I am also in possession of more of that … what do they call it? Oh yes, KNOWLEDGE. If nothing else, I listen hard when people are telling me things i REALLY NEED to know, and I really needed to know if I was on the right track after (unexpectedly) crossing paths with a school of famous Jack Crevalle at Port O last year. I have had a year to ruminate, and am ready for the rematch – this time with more than a single round.

I’ll be bringing my big first-aid kit as well.

Thanks for reading this morning! I hope your 4th. of July was great, and now we go forward into the gauntlet. Be sure to check out the new YouTube effort – Loco Airstreamer – if you are interested in rebuilding Vintage Airstream Trailers! I have been getting harassed for not doing more videos on that channel, so … I did some more videos, and am finishing the ones in the can from 2020, and publishing them as well. Who woulda thunk it?

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